The Celebrity Straight wig by M.LASHEA is simply amazing. All wigs have combs located inside of the wig /cap to fit all head sizes or desired fit . 

ALL M.LASHEA LACE WIGS REQUIRES WIG GLUE OR WIG TAPE. PLEASE CONSULT WITH A PROFESSINAL HAIR STYLIST / WIG SPEACLIST WHEN APPLYING HAIR GLUE OR WIG TAPE. 180% density 100% VIRGIN HAIR,this wig unit comes in a virgin natural brown color, when wet hair goes back to it's natural curl pattern.

Instructions on how to care for the Lace wig are as follows:

1. Keep in mind when plucking the lace, you are untying your knots which may cause shedding. Plucking gives the most natural look however when plucking its best to seal the knots after to stop any shedding.

2.When bleaching keep in mind that this can cause dryness of the lace and cause the lace to bald.

3. Wigs are process able, can be colored dyed and styled to ones desire. 

Celebrity Straight Full Lace Wig