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Welcome Diamonds!!!


Diamond Internship

It’s your time to SHINE! 

We are on the quest for high school and college undergraduate students looking for a BRIGHT internship opportunity with M. Lashea. 

 Learn and boost your skills in the following during our 6 week program: 

 💎 Conducting and producing editorial style 

💎 High fashion styling 

💎 Content creation in both beauty & blogging 

💎 Video/production/set etiquette 

💎 Team building & project management 

💎 Entrepreneurship skills in the business industry 

💎 Master class sessions with accomplished professionals 

💎 Wardrobe inventory & management 

Upon completion of internship, recipient will obtain Certificate of Completion, Letter of Recommendation and professional portfolio to be presented at the Diamond Dinner. 



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  • Student

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  • Diamond Internship
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