About M.Lashea

“My passions flow deeper than just Fashion; I find connection with Fashion, image and style when creating and uplifting others. The Process of building self-confidence is what drives me to serve others and live an abundance Life STYLE in every way ..."

Born and raised in Northern California, Marcellique Lashea “M. Lashea” redefines ‘fashionista’ as an innovative stylist, Fashion/self- confidence therapist, life coach and entrepreneur. Humbly, she adorns credit to her loving family and relentless examples of style and grooming foundations from her grandmother who lived her life as if every step were on a runway. 

“Never underestimate the power of appearance. Your image is the first impression you introduce yourself with, and I was taught from a very young age that you should always take pride in representing yourself and your loved ones...”

Succeeding as a life coach, Marcellique combined her bachelor's degree in psychology from San Francisco State University with her life experience to support women in their journey towards self-acceptance, healing from past traumas and emerging through self-care, fashion and style. As a proud mother and business owner, Marcellique leads by example in resilience and determination. Pushing past all barriers, she exemplifies courage and reflects accountability. Her clients consider her ‘relatable and honest,’ affirming her mission to be a light to all who may be lost in self-doubt. 

Manifesting her visions, Marcellique became owner of the first African American storefront fashion & hair boutique in her hometown, Stockton, California. Setting the bar for women entrepreneurs, she expanded her brand ‘Shop M.Lashea’ headquarters stationed in Atlanta, GA.

Marcellique Lashea skyrocketed as Lead Stylist for a host of Celebrities including fashion and beauty publications such as Kontrol Magazine where she continues to guide women from all social classes through their journey of self-discovery one classic piece at a time. 

Shop M. Lashea the brand is noted as one of our Nation's newest and fastest growing fashion influences, offering quality fashion apparel, exclusive eye lashes and celebrity endorsed hair extension collection that can be purchased online where any woman can ‘shop fancy.’ The Shop M.Lashea brand has been highlighted in multiple publications and continues to grow featuring a high-profile clientele who are dedicated to exclusive quality shopping. 

Living Fancy, Marcellique thrives as the powerhouse she is dedicated to be. “You may not have everything in the world; however, you always have a choice. Whatever you have be grateful for it and ‘live your fancy.’!”

                                                                            - M. Lashea